eCommerce Africa Confex: eSolutions in the news

December 10, 2014

Successful eCommerce Depends on Logistics


While traditional retail sales have seen minimal year-on-year growth, online sales have experienced substantial growth in South Africa. It is estimated that online retail growth in South Africa will average around 30-40% every year for the next five years. This growth promises a rich and exciting market for online companies, yet, it would appear that very few companies are prepared to meet the demands of this growth.

As eCommerce sales increase so can the cost and complexity of effectively managing the online channel. This is why quality logistics management and fulfilment is vital for widespread eCommerce success. eCommerce and logistics complement each other and it can be said that logistics is the fundamental guarantee for eCommerce.

DPD Laser has created a unique solution specially designed for the South African eCommerce industry, called eSolutions.

eSolutions is a complete end-to-end supply chain solution that includes services such as detailed online tracking, simplified pricing, Saturday Delivery (at no additional cost) as well as Day Specific Delivery services. The team of experts behind eSolutions is drawn from South Africa and Europe and come from both the online retail space and the courier industry. They are continuously developing specialised logistics solutions with the sole aim of building a great customer experience.

Hilton Eachus, of ASOS and, is the Business Development Executive of DPD Laser and leads the eSolutions team. He will be sitting on a panel discussion discussing the “Trends for the delivery of online orders” at the eCommerce Africa Confex. Joining Hilton will be Mike Cotterell, Head of Online at Pick n Pay, Peter Allerstorfer, Founding Partner of Silvertree Capital, and Justin Drennan, CEO of