eSolutions, by DPD Laser, sponsors South Africa’s biggest eCommerce Conference

September 19, 2014

eSolutions, by DPD Laser, joined the group of sponsors of the “South African eCommerce Conference” as a Gold Sponsor. The South African eCommerce Conference is an educational and inspiring event focussing on all aspects of eCommerce in relation to the local South African and wider African market.

The primary aim of eSolutions is to provide the best customer experience by constantly growing its eCommerce offering to exceed the expectations of customers and deliver convenience through the entire eCommerce process.

The eSolutions team has over a decade of international and domestic online retail experience and knows the importance of designing an eCommerce solution that understands both the consumer and etailers’ specific requirements

With simplified pricing, Saturday delivery (at no additional cost) and Day Specific shipping, the eSolutions offering is ahead of the pack in the South African logistics eCommerce market.

The sponsorship of the South African eCommerce Conference 2014, which had over 800 delegates, provided an exciting platform for DPD Laser’s eSolutions to be amongst the titans of the South African eCommerce industry.


DPD Laser is a company jointly owned and controlled by The Laser Group (Pty) Ltd. and Geopost SA.

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