Shopstar partners with DPD Laser’s eSolutions

October 22, 2013

DPD Laser’s eSolutions and Shopstar have announced their partnership in the development of an integrated logistics solution for the local SME market.

DPD Laser Express Logistics is jointly owned and controlled by The Laser Group (Pty) Ltd and GeoPost Intercontinental SAS – the European express network with more than 20 hubs and transit centres in Europe. DPD Laser has two operating divisions, Dawn Wing and Time Freight.

Hilton Eachus, of DPD Laser, describes eSolutions as DPD Laser’s specially designed e-commerce product that uses the best of what the Laser Group has to offer to provide customers with a simple and customer focussed solution for all e-commerce logistics requirements. Hilton spent eight years in the UK online retail industry and brings a deep knowledge and understanding of what online retailers are looking for from their distribution providers.

“We are excited to be working with Shopstar to provide a reliable logistics solution to small businesses that are in need of a complete end-to-end e-commerce package.”

Shopstar, a locally-developed online shopping platform, is an easy-to-use tool allowing small and medium-size businesses and creatives – jewellers, fashion and furniture designers, artists and potters – to set up and manage their own mobile-friendly online store.

Shopstar was created by Cape Town based web development company JGH Internet inside of a commitment to provide a local, home-grown service to explode the marketability of Africa’s rich craft traditions. JGH has been providing internet-related services to the SME market in Cape Town for the past 10 years. Working in this sector has given JGH valuable insight into the opportunities in supporting economic growth via optimization; freeing up creatives to continue to create.

Says Jens Herf, MD of JGH Internet:

“Reliable and speedy delivery of goods is vital to the success of an online shop. The partnership with DPD Laser’s eSolutions will enable us to create an integrated and competitively priced logistics solution that addresses one of the major barriers to entry for small and medium businesses into the e-commerce space. Together with DPD Laser we believe Shopstar has the potential to be at the forefront of the African e-commerce industry.”